Life’s too Short – Eat the Gelato.

I am sitting on my couch at 5:00 in the morning ( #jetlag ) reflecting on the last two weeks. My husband and I just returned from our Italian vacation and just like every incredible experience, it now feels like it was all just a dream. We explored 4 different cities in about 12 days and basically only had each other the entire time. We went on morning walks, ate every meal together, navigated the confusing European metro system, and grew our marriage to a whole new level. This is and probably always will be one of my most favorite memories I have shared with my husband. Through the good, the bad, and the jaw dropping “is this really real” moments, we did it together and enjoyed every second.

Throughout this entire trip I kept thinking about how important it is to truly make memories. It is often extremely hard to live in the moment and savor memories as you go through life. Everyone has their reason for distractions or reasons why they can’t fully embrace moments. Some may have a running list of all the other things they think they “should” be doing at that time, others may be distracted by the dinging of their cell phone, and some may not have enough time during the day to put aside doing something they love. This is extremely sad for me to admit and putting it down on paper makes me immediately want to delete it and brush it to the side, but for me, food is what has always halted me from truly making memories. When I was in college I would often not join in on the fun night out because I was worried about how many calories I would consume or the workout I would probably then miss the next morning. When a friend wanted to go to lunch I had to make sure the restaurant had something healthy on the menu and wouldn’t allow myself to indulge. I would get so anxious preparing and analyzing the situation as it related to the food I would consume, it completed detracted from the actual experience I could have enjoyed. As I said, I wish this wasn’t the case, but I say this because I am sure there are some of you reading this who can relate. We all have things we need to work on and you are not alone.

As I have gotten older I have tried to truly embrace making memories and not letting food get in the way. I no longer want to look back at situations that could have been a wonderful memory and regret not fully letting myself enjoy it. Preparing to go to Italy with my husband was a little intimidating considering the vast amounts of wine, food, and limited exercise I knew we would be facing. Let’s just say when you are in Italy you don’t just have one glass of wine with dinner. You also have a glass for lunch. And maybe even a cup of gelato in between J Before our trip I told myself I would not let the “fear of food” get in the way of this once-in-a-lifetime experience I would have with my husband. We both knew we probably wouldn’t go back to Europe until our future kids who we don’t have graduated from college (oh boy) so I knew I needed to soak up every moment that this beautiful country and culture had to offer. And you know what, I did. And you know what, this morning I am sitting here with my mug FULL of bullet-proof coffee waiting for my husband to wake up so I can blast the blender filled with my superfood smoothie ingredients, and I feel full. Not full in the sense of my stomach is full (I am actually hungry, I hope he wakes up soon so I can eat!) but my heart feels full. Some of my favorite memories were sitting near Lake Como drinking a glass of wine with my husband and dipping my crusty bread in the extra virgin olive oil while discussing our future dreams, plans, and goals, all while living in the moment and soaking in the beautiful scenery around us. When my husband asked if I wanted to get gelato after dinner (numerous times – well, let’s be real, every night!) I would say yes and ask to sample every flavor. I did get a sinus infection and a tummy ache but that’s a whole different blog post ( #dairyproblems ) The point I am trying to make and I hope comes across in this post is that life is too short to let distractions get in the way of making memories. When you think about one single day in your life compared to the vast amount of days ahead, it is just a sliver in time. Eating a little too much at dinner or drinking that extra glass of wine truly won’t even make a difference in the long run. Life is all about balance. When you give in to your cravings and let yourself truly live and enjoy what’s in front of you, your body will thank you. A few days ago I was drinking wine and eating gelato in Italy. This morning I am drinking bulletproof coffee and my superfood smoothie. Life is all about balance and is too short not to make memories. Love your body, love yourself, love your gut.

3 thoughts on “Life’s too Short – Eat the Gelato.

  1. Joni Czura says:

    Oh, Rachel!
    I love you so much! Thanks for sharing your insights and expressing them so beautifully! Thanks especially for loving my son so much! So happy that I bumped into your mom at Homegoods that fateful day!

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