What Does Health Mean to You?

What does being healthy mean to you? Does it mean enjoying a well-nourished breakfast or reaching your 10,000 steps per day? Or is it losing 5 pounds, eating enough avocados, or getting your daily dose of vitamin-D? As “healthy” and self-rewarding as all of those things may be, to me, health is so much more. For years I have struggled to define the true meaning of health in my life. I used to think being healthy meant watching what you eat and making sure your favorite pants never felt too tight. I used to think the epitome of health was reflected by how you looked on the outside, completely disregarding what was happening on the inside. I focused too much on the appearance of health that I never stopped to think about how healthy I actually was.

Good health isn’t just about food or calories. It isn’t just about fitting into your skinny jeans or crushing your favorite spin class. Good health is about loving yourself and embracing who you are and what you were meant to do in this world. You can be as thin and as active as your heart desires, but if you don’t love yourself and exude that love to others, you aren’t truly fulfilling a healthy life.

I believe we all have a purpose in this life and each and every one of us is on this earth for a reason. We are all blessed with special gifts, and these gifs should not be wasted or sidelined because we are focusing on things that don’t truly matter. We are meant to love, encourage, embrace, and celebrate our own personal victories as well as the victories of others. We are meant to pay it forward, spread joy, and lend a helping hand to those in need. We are meant to support each other through the good times and bad, and put others before ourselves. Self-love and spreading love to others is the most rewarding act you can do for yourself and someone else. To me, that is what health is. When we can let go of our regrets, our competitive natures, our jealous envies, that is what good health is. When we can put others before ourselves, take risks, and give thanks for each and every day; that is what good health is. When we can let go of trying too hard, trying to replicate someone else’s life, and stop and smell the roses, that is what good health is. Our body runs and relies on our emotions, and our emotions can completely determine how healthy we are inside and out. Our body knows when we feel doubt, shame, envy, and discouraged. Our bodies want us to love, give, and rejoice.

I am the first one to admit that I am not always good at practicing what I preach. But I acknowledge that each day is a gift, and I want to make the most of it. When we stop trying so hard to reach ultimate health, we can achieve it more easily. When we stop taking ourselves so seriously, and decide to start each day with a grateful heart, we can achieve optimal health. We have been giving one body, one mind, and one heart. Spread joy, love and good health.


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